Getting your Resume to Top of the Pile

In today's competitive world, you have to be best at everything to reach at top of the corporate world. This includes your technical and social skills, along with many other things. Apart from having these skills, you should know how to showcase them in your resume as well.

It is your resume which takes you to the interview table. So, it is important to know the things which can help you take your resume at the top of the pile. If you don't, you won't sound appealing to your potential employers.

The process of getting your resume to the very top starts with writing a competitive one and ends at using resources to make sure it gets noticed.

Write a Competitive Resume

It is extremely important to write a competitive resume. It elevates your chances of getting noticed by the HR departments of the companies you're applying in. Here are the things which you can do to write a professional resume:

Make use of the spaces. Write a resume which is aesthetically pleasing. It should look good at first glance. This requires you to take care of text size, font style, spacing, and every other thing. You can use Time New Roman for professional nuance and the font size should be 11 or 12.

Alter your Resume according to Needs of the Job. Putting the same resume forward for every job is a wrong practice. You should trim it according to the job you're applying for.

Write a cover letter. Most of the time, a cover letter can be very brief and focused on expressing your interest in the job. In a few words, highlight some reasons why you're suited to the job and why they ought to consider you. Additionally you can mention why you're considering that employer a good option for you.

Provide References. Companies love people who can provide good references. So, if you have any, mention them.

Network, Network, Network

Use your network of friends, family, and colleagues to help you find the right job. An "In" with the company can be the most valuable asset you could have when it comes to getting the attention of the hiring manager.

Use Personal Relationships. Use your personal relationships to get your resume at the top of the pile. Find if you have people with contacts in your surroundings, and ask them to help you get a job.

Contact Job Agencies. Reach multiple job agencies and distribute your resumes among them. They might charge a little fee but will help you get hooked up somewhere as well.

Provide Follow-up. Provide regular follow-up after you have asked people, in your networks, for the promotion of your resume.

After all these steps, your chances of getting an interview call increase. Prepare yourself before sitting in an interview and make sure you give your best.