Get Hired Series: Resumé Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making!

You've submitted your resumé all over the internet, it has been seen by different companies almost every day, but nobody contacts you. Maybe you're even submitting your resumé in person. But little do you know, there is something so wrong with your resumé that no matter how hard you try, you are just not able to crack the job interview you want to; it does not have the thing to 'impress' the recruiters and HR executives.

If you are trapped in the above mentioned situations over and over again, you are making some of the worst mistakes in your resumé, which you are probably not even aware of.

Here are some of the resumé mistakes you didn't even know you're making:

Lengthening it without any reason:

Nobody likes lengthy resumés; no matter how many achievements, experience and goals you have, keep the resumé as simple and up to the point as possible.

Using a disturbing font:

If your resumé has a disturbing font, there are fewer chances for it to be read. For an instance, never use Italics for your resumé; this font disturbs the brain of the reader and leads to confusion since it is mostly used for highlighting something important.

Using the old fashioned 'objective statement':

Having an objective statement was once high in demand, now the companies don't want to know your goals; they want you to use your experience and skills with their goals.

Focusing on your love for social networking profiles:

There's no point in talking about your Facebook and Twitter profiles; all you need is a professional LinkedIN profile to impress the right companies.

Naming the resumé file incorrectly and inappropriately:

This is very important when you email your resumé to different companies; keep the name of the resumé professional and appropriate.

Using a confusing format:

Try sticking to a single kind of format for your resumé so that the readers don't get confused.