Get Hired Series: What Not to do in a Job Interview

Are you going to have a job interview in few days? Are you scared of being rejected? Do you want to give your best at the job interview? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then your CV has probably proven fruitful enough to help you get to the first phase of recruitment which is the job interview. No person can be successful at getting through a job interview without knowing some basic things about what to do and what to avoid during such a phase. It might sound too tough to many but it definitely is not and if you are interested in knowing about what not to do at a job interview, then here are few facts:

Not Doing Enough Research

You might be extremely competent for the job that you have applied for but if you don't know anything about the company you are seeking a job in, then it might be a complete disaster. Similarly, it is very important to know about the nature and requirements of the job you are seeking and how you can prove beneficial for the post. This can also be acquired through proper research. A great place to prepare for the interview is the internet where you might get plenty of useful information. However, if you appear for the interview without proper or any research, then you are most likely to disappoint the interviewee.

Using Frank Language

It is good to feel relaxed and confident but frankness might sound like an extreme condition. You simply cannot use frank language with the interviewee thinking it might sound cool rather it will attract negative feedback which means rejection. The eloquence of speech and use of decent words is greatly appreciated because a job interview is a formal conversation no matter what kind of job you are seeking. You simply cannot joke around with the interviewee or call him/her something demeaning because that will simply cost you the job.

Not Dressing Properly

Can you wear a pajama to the prom? No matter how untrendy or casual you are you always need to dress up formally for a job interview. It is always advisable to wear a clean, crisp and neatly ironed dress to the job interview that adheres to the dress code if it is mentioned in the interview call. You cannot wear a ripped jean or a baggy one to an interview neither you can wear a dress from decades-old fashion. Your dress not only needs to be formal but also up to date to let the interviewee know that you are presentable.

Appearing Late

Nothing can be more lethal than appearing late for your job interview as your interviewee will never like to wait for you. It generally leaves a really poor impression about your punctuality. No matter you get stuck in a traffic jam or you missed the bus, the interview will not be the same if you appear late so it is very important to be on time.