Expanding and Making Use of Your Network

When you've worked in an industry for a certain period of time, and shifted jobs and companies through your years, you realize that you've developed relations with a large network of people that are now placed all over your industry in various positions. This network should be expanded and made use of when the need arises.

As anyone who has ever had to jump into the job market in search for a job would know, having the right network of people at your disposal comes in very handy when you need to find work. Most people in your network would already know your strengths and weaknesses, making it easier for them to recommend you for the right type of job for you. Having the right people in your network put out the word about you in the industry can lead to much better work opportunities.

Having a network actually helps on the other side of recruitment too as these are the people you would reach out to if you're looking for a specific kind of talent for your company. It's better to get a recommendation from someone you can trust knows what they're talking about. Even a social media post sharing your job offer from someone influential can lead to a better quality candidate for your recruitment needs.

Knowing the absolute importance of having the right network, work should be done on expanding it as much as possible. Here are some ways to expand your network:

  • Attending the right events

    Any industry has a number of social and professional events on their calendar every year. There are entrepreneur and tech conferences happening all over the world. These conferences are attended by almost everyone from these industries from small start-ups to successful entrepreneurs and corporate bigwigs. The events normally comprise of talks from inspiring figures and social events where attendees can meet and greet. This is great place to meet like-minded professionals and expand your network.
  • A good introduction

    You never know how important someone you're about to meet is so it's always a good idea to keep your visiting card on person. Be ready to introduce yourself as a professional so they know what you can offer and who you are. Giving them a way to get in touch with you means you've increased the likelihood of building a rapport.
  • Create an online identity

    Most professional networks are thriving and growing because of the use of the internet to stay in touch. Websites like LinkedIn are providing an opportunity to search out and connect with professionals all over the world. Make sure you establish a healthy online profile. Not only will this help you grow your network online, it will also give someone who searches for you online a good overview of your professional standing.
So there you have it. Using your professional network for career growth is a time-tested method and now you have the tools at your disposal to achieve this growth.