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Dealing with Gaps in your Resumé

For one reason or another, you may find yourself with a difficult-to-explain gap in employment on your resumé. Maybe you took time off for school, had a family or personal emergency that required your attention, have been struggling to find work f...

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Don't be afraid to negotiate when you have a job offer

Sometimes when you start a job, you don't really know your value in the market and neither does your employer. As you gain more experience and spend a few years at your job your market value as an employee would generally increase. If you've been at...

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Expanding and Making Use of Your Network

When you've worked in an industry for a certain period of time, and shifted jobs and companies through your years, you realize that you've developed relations with a large network of people that are now placed all over your industry in various positi...

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Get Hired Series: The Importance of Proof Checking your Resumé

Writing a compelling resumé is very important when it comes to increasing your prospects of getting a job. If your resumé is not professionally written then it won't be able to reach the top of the pile. As a result, your chances of getting ...

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